Colombia: 4-week itinerary

3 thoughts on “Colombia: 4-week itinerary”

    1. Thanks for checking out our blog. Medellin was amazing. We haven’t had any unsafe experiences in this city. Especially not in El Poblado. This area felt like an European city. Bars everywhere and everyone is there to have a good time. However just keep an eye on your belonging in the city centre and don’t go to Comuna 13 in the dark. We went to Comuna 13 during the day when it is perfectly fine.
      I would advice to book the free walking tour in advance on the day of your arrival. This tour is 4 hours and will explain everything about the city, which will give you a better understanding and feeling of the city. We thought that Medellin was the best city we have seen. We stayed in Medellin for 5 days but could have stayed longer because we enjoyed it so much.
      Cali is a different kind of city. It is not as modern as Medellin but it has its charms. In Cali we were advised not to go into certain areas even during the day. We spend here two days which felt enough for us.
      A tour guide explained to us that some of the citizens might make you feel uncomfortable because they are starring at you, or ‘following’ you. We experienced this multiple times (we are both blond). The guide explained that most people have not seen any blond and white people and are therefore just really interrested in you. We have experienced the same in China where random people want to take pictures with you, like we would take pictures with animals in the zoo.

      I would definitely recommend not to skip Medellin, it is by far the best city in Colombia and just keep an eye on your belonging like you would do in any other place in Colombia. Cali could be skipped if you’re short in time, but it shows a different side of Colombia so for the full experience it’s worth visiting.

      Thanks again for checking the blog, we will upload more post about Colombia, check out our Instagram @prjctworld for pictures of each location for inspiration.
      Let us know if you’ve any other questions, hope you’ve an amazing time in Colombia and safe travels!

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