Casa en el Agua

So we are going to try to describe in this blog post how amazing Casa en el Agua is. ‘Paradise’ gets close. Read more to see what this paradise has to offer you…

Casa en el Agua is, as the name suggests, a house on the water. There is nothing close by, it is just the hostel with water and small islands surrounding you. The whole experience starts when you have to get there. You either can go there yourself taking a bus and a boat, however the easiest is to go by boat which you can book through the hostel. It is so remote that it will take you 2 hours by speedboat to get there. Depending on the water and the weather it can be a rough ride.

Literally a house on the water

Once you get to the hostel you will check-in and get to your place for the night. There are lots of hammocks, and if you are not that into hammocks there are also two dorm rooms and one private room. Even though we had a big storm during the night, the hammocks were fine. Keep in mind to bring a sweater because it can get chilly at night.

Room with a view

So you have arrived at paradise, gotten your hammock, and now what? The main activity at Casa en el Agua is to RELAX! Get an inflatable sun bed and float around the hostel, go snorkeling, rent a kayak or go stand-up paddling. You can also book a tour to a neighboring island and visit the beach. Next to that, there are enough sun beds and hammocks to read a book or play some games. Something that is a must do, however not always possible due to weather conditions, is the plankton tour. When it gets dark (and it gets really dark because there are no lights in a close perimeter) you get onto a boat and you go to one of the small islands and you get into the water with swimming goggles. When you move you will see the plankton that lights up in the water, like sparkles. It is truly magical, we have never seen something so beautiful. A must do when you are at Casa en el Agua!


Finish the day with some good cocktails and enjoy the sunset. After the sun has set you can enjoy a freshly cooked meal. During the day you can order your meal, it makes sense to get yourself some fish, as it was caught only a couple hours before. You can also get lunch, however since we were there for only one night we skipped it.


Unfortunately, a day at paradise comes at a cost, and so Casa en el Agua is expensive. Here’s a price list (August, 2016):

Hammock: 60.000 COP/night
Boat Cartagena – Casa en el Agua: 100.000 COP (one way)

Dinner: 25.000 COP
Lunch: 20.000 COP
Breakfast: free
Beer: 6.000 COP
Cocktails: 20.000 COP (10.000 COP during happy hour)

Plankton tour: 30.000 COP
SUPing: 20.000 COP/hour

It is expensive, especially when you compare it to the rest of Colombia. However, for us it was well worth our money. We went for one night. You get there around 1 pm and we brought food so we did not have to buy lunch there. We had some beers and cocktails, dinner and went on the plankton tour and SUPing, and the day after we only had breakfast and left at 11 pm so we did not have to buy lunch that day either. Spending one whole day and a night there was enough for us, however two nights would have been nice, but then you spend a lot more money.

Casa en el Agua is a place that you will remember forever and is well worth your money. Keep in mind to bring cash though, because they do not have electricity (or running water for that matter, which makes going to the toilet and having a shower a whole other experience). Oh, and this blog post is not sponsored in case you wondered, it is just simply amazing!


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