Punta Gallinas

Punta Gallinas is the most northern point of South America. It is located in the middle of a desert and is home to the Wayuu tribe. The area is beautiful and shows a side of Colombia you would not find anywhere else. You can go there by yourself, but easiest is to book a tour … Continue reading Punta Gallinas

Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a small city in the north of Colombia. There is not too much going on and it is mainly used as a base to explore Colombia’s Caribbean coast. We stayed in a lovely hostel that allowed us to store our luggage during our overnight trips to Punta Gallinas (2 nights), Tayrona Park … Continue reading Santa Marta


Cartagena, a town at the Caribbean coast with a lot of history. When we told (Colombian) people in other cities we were going here, they told us that is would be the most beautiful city that we would encounter with beautiful beaches. However, when we got here it was a little bit disappointing. The town … Continue reading Cartagena


We fell in love with Medellin. It is the city that we liked the most in Colombia and here’s why. First of all the people are so nice. Even though they have been through so much, they are very warm and most of all very curious to you. Second, Medellin is a modern city. It sometimes felt like we were back home in Amsterdam, but with a Colombian twist. Especially in the area where we were staying, El Poblado, there are many cute little stores and modern restaurants. The vibe is relaxed, especially during the evenings from Thursday to Saturday everyone is sitting outside enjoying their drinks. Next to the people and the vibe, it is easy to travel in Medellin and there is lots to do. Continue reading “Medellin”


Salento is a small village located in the heart of the coffee triangle. This village is one of the favorite places for backpackers to stay.  Salento is used as base from which you can head out to see the 50 meter high wax palm trees in the Valle Del Cocora, to taste coffee at one … Continue reading Salento


Cali, the city of salsa. Cali should be on your itinerary if you want to have a more complete view of Colombia, though if you’re short on time we think that you can skip it. Though we only spend 2 whole days in Cali, we got a good impression of the city. Especially San Antonio, … Continue reading Cali