Scarabeo Camp

On top of the list of things that made our trip to Marrakech amazing is Scarabeo camp. Just a one hour drive away from Marrakech in the Agafay dessert is a ‘glamping camp’ in which you are able to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Sahara. During our five day trip, these two days of relaxation were the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the old city center in Marrakech. Scarabeo camp is what Casa en el Agua was to our trip in Colombia (read all about that here). It really made the experience complete and proved to be a rare and special experience.

So what is Scarabeo camp exactly? Scarabeo camp is a beautiful glamp site that has luxury dessert tents, delicious foods and fun activities. From riding a camel or a quad to watching the stars with a guide, there are many things to do. Or just do nothing and enjoy a good book on a sun bed (in the shadow!). We spent one night in Scarabeo camp, which is fine if you don’t do a day activity (we only rode a camel). This is what our two days looked like:

We were picked up around 11 in the morning at our hostel. At first we wanted to arrange our own transport, but having experienced traffic in Marrakech and considering the prices we decided that it wasn’t worth it, so we arranged a pick-up. After a one hour drive we arrived at the camp site. While enjoying some Moroccan tea we took in the views and moved into our tent. The tent was simple but beautiful: you walked straight into the bedroom which consisted of a bed, a small closet, two chairs and a big candle, and a neighboring bathroom with a hand shower and a portable toilet (it’s the dessert). This might sound scruffy, but just take a look at the pictures because it looked beautiful. We grabbed our camera and walked around the premises and finally found ourselves reading books and doing some puzzles. At 4pm we had a 1 hour camel ride, something we both had never done before. We were just with the two of us and our guide, which was a lovely guy who knew how to take some awesome pictures! It was nice to see the camp from a distance, as it is surrounded by sand-colored hills (it’s actually not soft sand, but more rocklike).

When we came back from our camel ride we refreshed ourselves and went to the ‘main’ tent where we had a really nice glass of wine (our first in Morocco!). It felt like a dream, being surrounded by candles in such a peaceful atmosphere enjoying the sun down. When we sat down for dinner it got even better. Everyone staying at the camp had their own table in three different tents. The food was truly amazing and after we recovered from some serious food babies watching the stars outside, we went to our tent which was beautifully lit up by the staff.

The next day started off perfect as well, having breakfast overlooking the dessert. We had woke up a few hours earlier because we wanted to see the sunrise, however it was too cloudy outside so we went back to bed again. We read some more, took even more pictures and finished our stay with a wonderful lunch. We are still amazed by how good the food was considering the little means they have in the middle of the dessert.

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Considering the many adjectives we used to describe Scarabeo camp, it must indicate what kind of experience it was. The beautiful scenery, kind staff, delicious food and peaceful environment (as well as no electricity!) made it a once in a lifetime adventure that we will cherish our whole lives.

Unfortunately these experiences often do not come for free (though some do!). Considering we are still students and are used to backpacking, we really splurged on Scarabeo camp. However, it was totally worth it. Here’s an overview of the costs we made:

  • One night stay: 2055 dirham (includes dinner and breakfast)
  • Transfer: 550 dirham/way
  • Lunch: 290 dirham
  • Camel ride: 400 dirham

What are your thoughts on Scarabeo camp? Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale? If you have any questions or if you would like to share your experience with us, feel free to do so using the comment section below!

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